How to Publish

How to Publish

Manuscript submission

The process of article submission, review and decision begins by the senior or corresponding author sending the manuscript to, accompanied by the Letter of Submission.

Download Letter of Submission.

Document preparation

The document should be sent in digital form, preferably written in Microsoft Word, to the Editor of Horticultura Argentina, ASAHO Press and Publication Office, at It should be formatted in single-spaced A4 (21 x 29.7cm) with margins of 2.5 cm and unformatted paragraphs (avoiding indentation, alignment and page skipping), and using the Times New Roman black font of size 12 points. All margins should be of 2.5 cm. Tables and Figures should be placed within the document, immediately after having been cited.

Download Complete Document Preparation.

Journal evaluation system

Once received, the article goes through a system of evaluation, where the journal’s Editorial Team defines general aspects, the subject’s relevance, and, where necessary, requesting that the document be formatted according to publication norms, based upon the List of Submission Requirements.

Download Submission Checklist.

The journal review system is detailed below

See complete review system