Editorial policy

Editorial policy

Articles will be accepted in Spanish, Portuguese or English.

Articles will be previously unpublished research or review papers.

The authors must demonstrate their awareness of the relevant published literature.

The document must be carefully organised and follow the instructions included in the corresponding norms and submission requirements.

The experimental methods chosen should be appropriate for the derived conclusions and the data should not lead to contradictions or erroneous interpretations.

For research papers, the statistical analyses should be appropriate for the stated aims and experiments should include adequate replication.

For papers including a first report in Argentina of a pathogen, weed or insect, the document must be accompanied by a note expressing previous knowledge issued by SENASA (National Plant Health and Quality Service).

Upon submission of a manuscript, the authors agree to avoid submission, totally or partially, to any other journal, in accordance with the journal’s ethical norms.

Articles will only be published upon receipt of a transfer of rights agreement that the authors will receive for signing along with the acceptance decision.